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company profil and benefit

Together, we shape success!

Promote cooperation.
Strengthen global networking.
Create new growth.

What we do

business contacts
for companies and investors in

Cooperation at the academic
level with universities, 


applied sciences, and private

Supporting and promoting
the work
of humanitarian & charitable

Business between EUROPE and AFRICA

Delivering machineries
from Europe to Africa

Finding trading partners in Africa to open
up the market for European companies

Finding suppliers in Africa for
low-cost parts production for your company

Counceling in establishing your own locations or
trading structures in Africa

Search and identification of staff or partners
for African locations or representations

Developing suitable solutions for
African demands

Academic collaboration

Search and placement of
students for German companies

Search and placement of African students
for academic exchange or semester abroad

Cooperation within the framework of development projects and research

Advice and guidance on local
policies and structures

Individual coaching and
supervision of
PhD students

Support in the profile examination of
foreign applicants for study at
German universities

Support aid agencies and organizations

Support in finding good profiles for
reliable work partners in Africa

Assistance in the identification of
needs for the local population

Accompaniment in

Academic Coaching
of refugees

Interface to the supervision of international operations

Let‘s get started!


– Discuss interests and

– Define possible starting
points, topics and tasks

– Scope, duration and  Agree on a fee


Pilot phase:

– Explorations and search for
suitable customers/partners by
Batcha-Berg Consulting

– Research in the network, via
web meetings and on-site

– Development of concrete
business scenarios and
concept creation

Management Summary:

– Presentation of the
concepts for cooperation
incl. cost-benefit assessment

– Initiation of the first direct
contacts and discussions
with both partners

– Accompaniment to clarify
possible cultural or procedural questions (language, legal issues, customs, etc.)

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